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Kavka Designs Launches Emily Fee Collection

Posted on October 25 2019

Kavka Designs Launches Emily Fee Collection

Kavka Designs featuring the Emily Fee Collection

We are so excited to launch the Emily Fee Collection for Kavka Designs!  The Emily Fee Collection is a modern take on the children’s home interior design.  We believe that shopping for baby and kids' furniture, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice comfort for style or vice versa!  This collection is characterized by classic patterns mixed with unexpected playful accents, all of which pay homage to Emily Fee family and fashion background. Kavka Designs are as always, crafted with high-quality materials for sturdiness and durability for your little ones making this a match in kids' home décor heaven.

Kavka Designs featuring Emily Fee Collection 

Between sleeping, napping, playing and learning kids spend a lot of time in their bedroom. So we’ve created a line that will help you curate the perfect cozy sanctuary for your child. From comforters to throw pillows the Emily Fee Collection provides you with products that you and your child will love.

Kavka Designs featuring Emily Fee Collection

With so many good pieces to choose from the collection, we asked Emily to pick her favorite pieces from this line.  While she professed it was like choosing her favorite child and loves everything, with a little arm twisting, she finally shares with her top picks!

Bonnie Grey Wallpaper

Bonnie Grey Wallpaper

Bowen Half Circle Bedding


Brooklyn Throw Pillow

David Small Dots Red Area Rug

Colette Pink Flower Comforter Set

Gus Vintage Land Rover Comforter Set

Kara Moroccan Pouf

Alice Pink and Blue Rug