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Handmade Paper Collection

Posted on November 20 2019

Handmade Paper Collection


Struggling to find the perfect gift for your picky, fancy, eco-conscious or hard to buy for people in your life? Our Lokta paper gifts will help you check everyone off your list (and don't forget the most special person in your life — you) this Holiday season. 

What is lokta paper

Lokta paper has been used in Nepal since the 12th century when it was used to write tales and religious texts chanted by Buddhist monks. The paper is made from Lokta bushes when properly cut, the bushes can produce three to eight new, fast-growing shoots making Lokta paper one of the most eco-friendly, renewable, non-tree papers in the world! 

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How it’s made

After the bush is carefully cut, the fibrous inner bark is pulled into strips and then cooked into a pulpy mash.  The village artisans then spread the fibers out by hand across large boxed screens and set to dry in the Himalayan sunshine. The large sheet of lokta paper is then cut into our 11x14 in or 8x10 in options so that you can frame after receiving your order. 

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Lokta paper is all handmade Nepal.  The art of making lokta paper is an important part of Nepal's economy. Kavka Designs is proud to be able to help the women of Nepal through a continued papermaking partnership. Our lokta bark paper, made from the Lokta bark shrub in the Himalayas by Nepali women, provides a means so they can then support their families. When you purchase one of our lokta paper designs, you are helping to support Nepalese village artisans, all while protecting the environment. So you can check your eco-conscious person off your list! 

The perfect gift 

It can be hard to find a handmade gift without it looking, well handmade.  With help from our very talented artists, our lokta paper designs are chic, handmade, and eco-friendly.  The Emily Fee Collection is a curated line that will make the perfect gift for a new mom, the sweet child in your life, or even a gift to yourself. Click below to shop for your favorite Lokta design.