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Brandy Gibbs “B.G.” Riley is a multidisciplinary designer whose practice areas include textile, surface pattern, corporate identity, packaging, and print design. A former design educator, Brandy has also served as an Associate Professor of Graphic Design at several New England schools. She finds inspiration in a wide range of sources, including 20th Century Modernism, architecture, historical ornament, and primitive art. In her work, both personal and commercial, she explores the spectrum between minimalist forms and decorative excess. Born and raised in eastern Pennsylvania, the area’s Moravian architecture, folk art, and graphic quality of industrial structures (steel mills) still influence Brandy’s work today. Of equal influence are her travels abroad, as well as the natural beauty and colonial charm of New England, where she has spent most of her professional life. Brandy holds a MFA in Graphic Design from Boston University, a BA in Studio Art from Bates College, and has studied in Australia, Italy, and the Netherlands.