It all started way back when I was about 6, and my parents entrusted me with the safeguarding of a Kodak Brownie on a family trip. And so it began. Click. Freeze the moment. I was hooked. When I was older, I cashed in our books full of Pinky stamps from Steinberg's grocery store, and got myself a Kodak Instamatic X-15, which I still use today. It was the first camera of my very own, and it went everywhere with me. Things haven't changed much in that department, some 40 years later. In fact the cameras haven't changed much either. I shoot more film than digital, mostly on very old cameras, and will do so until I run out of road...or chemicals. The tactile pleasure of holding a processed strip of Provia 120 just can't be equalled in the digital world. The saturation of the colors is like candy.