Ildiko Sipos was proceeding a carrier in environmental engineering before she turned her attention to the field of graphic and web design and finally specialized in surface pattern design. Under the label Ildiko Sipos Design she creates patterns to license for use on home decor, textile, tech and stationary products. Ildiko’s designs tend to be playful with bold shapes and colors and embrace the imperfections of hand drawn shapes to gain additional visual interest. Her design process starts with an idea triggered from her environment and often continues to develop in unexpected ways. The overall journey from an initial concept until the finished product is always full of fun surprises and makes her jump out of bed in the morning! Ildiko moved from Croatia to Canada for love in 2011 and now lives in Gatineau, Quebec with her spouse and a toddler daughter. She is slightly obsession with everything 80’s (especially the New Wave music), taking long walks and the ocean.