As a child, I was aware of the beauty of shadows and the play of light and how the sun glittered off objects. When a camera was placed in my hands at age 9, I immediately knew it was a love affair that would never end. Much of my time was spent outdoors exploring nature and the world, and that camera became a way to interact with and capture the amazing magic of the ordinary that was so extraordinary to my eyes and soul. That authentic organic connection is still evident in my photography today. I view life and the world from many perspectives and that varied outlook translates to my photographic vision, as I sometimes take in the big picture and at other times focus on beautiful details. I seek out simplicity, happiness and beautiful light and moods. My art is a narrative telling the story of my journey through this one wild and beautiful life. My work has been described as evocative, ethereal, happy, modern minimalist and nostalgic. I've always felt my photography and vision are my service and gift to the world. After selling my Ohio home and most of my belongings, my 2 plus year travel adventure has allowed me the opportunity to photograph new locations and keep my creativity evolving. During this time of wanderlust, I keep my focus through a daily meditation and yoga practice, and hope this happy calm is infused into my art. I'm delighted and humbled that my photography has taken up residence in homes and businesses around the world and been featured by Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom, HGTV Magazine, Lake Superior Magazine, Artful Blogging, Papyrus Cards and more.