Hi my name is Ronny Schwager,I'm 17 years old and I’ve been born and raised in Fair Lawn, New Jersey. When I was little I loved all kinds of arts and craft and as I got older, I developed a deeper interest in the artistic world. Throughout high school I took Drawing and Painting both regular and Honors along with AP Drawing. Prior to these classes taught by the amazing staff at my high school, I drew independently with a variety of mediums including pencil, watercolor, oil paint, gouache and acrylic. As I became more experienced I began to favor more acrylic and pencil creations. There is so much wonderful art out there in this world that inspires me to be the best I can be. All my work is done when I’m feeling intense emotions such as sadness, anger or joy. This is when I’m in the best headspace and alone to let these emotions work their magic onto a blank canvas. Through a year like 2020, I would say art has helped me keep optimistic for the future; it’s like my escape from the reality we live in today due to the pandemic. To me art really used to be just a class and now I see the great value it holds and would love to share this with others all around the world.