Liven up your entryway with our artisan designed, low pile, jacquard woven mats. These mats are created using the most updated and lasting trends by experienced artists with a keen eye for design. Each mat becomes a statement piece in every entrance in your home, allowing all spaces to make a lasting first impression and tell a vivid story of the type of home and personality you possess. These mats are easy to clean with quick-dry technology, allowing for freedom and ease of movement in your environment. Heavy cotton-backing chosen specifically for these high design mats gives a heft and impactful depth to the density of these pieces. Printed on a fine jacquard weave, the unique Kavka quality is evident and impressed upon even the keenest eye with compelling colors and textures that become a part of each access point in your home. The finely spun polyester presents each component of the graphic with precision and elegance. The refined low pile makes for simple vacuuming and easy care which means your space can be crisp and sophisticated at all times. Looking for ways to integrate your decor mat into your home? Add a mat to your guest room to inject a poignant touch of whimsy to your guest quarters and leave a lighthearted feel for your visitors. Place a mat by your sink for a cozy spot while you selfcare that emanates elegance. Set down a mat by the front door for a perfect grande entrance or exit that is sure to create a lasting impression of sophistication and style. Whether it’s to input your personal flair to each access point in your home or to give a gift of high-style aesthetics to a loved one, these mats are sure to delight at any doorstep.