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About Kavka Designs

Kavka Designs was created with three core values in mind: innovation, authenticity, and passion. Innovation is expressed by the company’s artists, who work daily to create brand new designs. This is the cornerstone of authenticity, which is demonstrated in Kavka’s goal towards satisfying customers with unique products. Ultimately, these facets of Kavka Designs promote an underlying sense of passion. We do what we love for people who love our work.  

With today’s heavy reliance on e-commerce, Kavka Designs acknowledges that artists may not have the time, nor resources, to recreate and sell their work. Kavka aims to provide a platform for designers to share their creations. Through collaboration with the world’s finest manufacturers, retailers, and artists, the company continues to bridge the gap between the creator and the consumer.

Kavka Designs was founded in 2016, when husband and wife, Chintan and Kelly Singh merged their interests in manufacturing and design to create an online platform for artists to sell their work. This, in turn, allowed customers to purchase home decor products, featuring said artists’ designs.

In Kathmandu, Nepal, Chintan was born into a family-owned Tibetan rug business. After coming to America in 1997, he spent over 15 years working in the area rug and home decor industry. He developed a keen eye for trending designs, becoming a trailblazer in the rug industry, and effectively introducing area rugs to online shopping.

From a young age, Kelly had an affinity for the arts. Growing up around her grandfather, an artist himself, she noticed that he was happiest when painting. His true love was making art, but he saw little profit in his passion, instead opting to work as a salesman to raise eight children. However, seeing her grandfather practice his craft profoundly influenced Kelly, who was enamored by the creative process.

When Chintan and Kelly met in 1999, they shared the same entrepreneurial spirit, overcoming any cultural barrier between the two. They soon married and started a company, importing Nepalese handmade products to America. As with most startup businesses, the couple’s company was put to a sudden halt, due to the financial challenges that such a project brings. Chintan found a career in textiles and Kelly stayed at home with their two children, later returning to the workforce in 2012.

After their combined twenty years in the industry, they decided to take a leap of faith and return to what they loved most— creating something out of nothing— and Kavka Designs was born! The company continues as an homage to all creators and artists who follow their passion, and an ode to those that never had the chance.

Fun Fact: Kavka Designs is named after Chintan and Kelly’s son and daughter, Kavi and Kate, who still reside at home in New Jersey and help with the family business.

Kavka Designs also gives back! Pillows For a Purpose is a passion project in which we collaborate with nonprofit organizations and donate all proceeds to that particular cause. In July 2019, Kavka Designs began its collaboration with Habitat for Humanity, donating a percentage of our proceeds to help create housing in low-income areas of the world. Kavka Designs also helps support the Women’s Foundation of Nepal, which encourages a nonviolent society, as well as entrepreneurship for young Nepalese women.


Kavka Designs has partnerships with: Wayfair, Overstock, Zulily, Bed Bath Beyond, Elle Decor, All Modern, Joss & Main, Birch Lane, Hayneedle, Sak's Off 5th, and others.