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About Kavka Designs


In 2016, husband and wife, Chintan and Kelly merged their passion for business and art and created an online platform for artists to sell their work. This, in turn, created a place for art lovers to shop new and emerging art on a variety of Home Decor Products. 

Born in Kathmandu, Nepal, Chintan grew up around his family-owned Tibetan rug business. Once in the US, he spent over 15 years working in the area rug and home decor industry. He developed a keen eye for trending designs in the world of ecommerce.

From a young age, Kelly had an affinity for art. Growing up with her late grandfather, a self taught artist, she noticed he was in his element whenever he was creating. Throughout his fifty year tenure as a salesman, he spent most of his spare time in his basement workshop drawing, painting, sculpting, etc. He said it would never pay the bills, but the joy it brought him was insurmountable. Seeing him happy making art had a profound influence on Kelly that she was able to explore herself later in her career.

When Kelly and Chintan met in 1999, even though they came from opposite sides of the globe, they shared the same entrepreneurial spirit and dreamed of creating something to bridge the gap between their worlds. They soon married and started a small import company bringing native artisan handmade products to the US. As most start ups have their own challenges, they decided to put their dreams on hold. Chintan found a career in textiles and Kelly stayed at home to raise their children through the early years until she returned to the workforce with her focus on Art and Design. After their combined twenty years of experience in the Home Decor and art world,  Kavka Designs was born. 

(Fun Fact: Kavka is named after their children, Kavi and Kate.)

Currently, they reside in the New York City suburbs and love collaborating with artists, stating, "Creativity is indeed contagious! Being able to work with artists who love what they do is the true inspiration."

Kavka Designs collaborates with domestic and international artists while continuously developing new products and designs. Each artist is paid for each sale. Every product is either made or finished here in the USA. Kavka Designs also donates to Habitat for Humanity, Himalayan Women in Nepal and other socially responsible causes.