5 Ways to Spruce Up a Small Backyard Space
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After just moving to a charming brownstone in Manhattan from the suburbs, I was so excited about my new dream city life but also had to adapt quickly to living with a smaller outdoor space. The goal was to create the perfect garden space that would serve as an escape from the city buzz, but it soon became a challenge to attain that goal, as I did not know much about gardening, and I was having trouble finding the right outdoor furniture on account of limited furniture supply as a result of the pandemic. 
Having gone through months of trial and error and searching high and low for the perfect elements for my outdoor city space, I honed in on the following five pieces that I think will seriously spruce up any backyard space (they worked for me!):
     1. Add a cozy egg chair
I really love these little “egg chairs”. They feel private and are so cozy and can fit into a tiny side nook. Pair it with a nice throw pillow and place a round rug underneath, and you can’t go wrong (see tip #5)!
Mahaffey Porch Swing from Wayfair
     2. Opt for a round garden table
At first I wasn’t sure if I wanted a small round table, but since we are going for a more English garden/cottage vibe, this table shape ended up making sense. You can pair a round table with both round and rectangular rugs, and suddenly you have a great garden spot, full of character, to gather for meals or work.
Lattice-weave table and chair set by Astoria Grand on Wayfair
     3. Bring in natural rattan 
I love this corner featuring our new rattan chairs. The pillows help make the area more comfortable and playful, and the watercolor floral rug helps tie the whole look together. I always find people gravitating toward this area. 
Wicker/Rattan 2-Person Seating Group by Bayou Breeze on Wayfair
     4. Throw down a rectangular rug 
I love this little entire backyard area. It’s a great space to have coffee and listen to the birds in the morning. It’s perfect for relaxing in a nice, tranquil space right in the middle of Manhattan. 
Anchoring our backyard space with our newest collection of Kavka outdoor rugs was long overdue! It’s so fun to see the transition of putting a piece of art on your outdoor floor and watching it come to life! This rectangular rug frames and grounds (pun intended) the space. 
Kavka Designs Floral Love Blush Outdoor Rug By Jackii Greener
     5. Define side nook spaces with a round rug
This round rug is the perfect way to style a little nook area (see tip #1). It defines a space and creates its own private divider to separate seating areas. The outdoor pillow was designed by artist Becky Bailey and the rug by Terri Ellis.
Kavka Outdoor Rugs and Pillows, available on Wayfair
Styling our small outdoor space was a true labor of love, and I couldn’t have done it without Wayfair! Thanks Wayfair!            

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